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  • True Deliverance SKINs Now Available In The New Eden Store Tuesday, Jul 23 2019 3:00PM
    We're happy to announce that a brand new line of SKINs are now available for Sansha's Nation hulls in the New Eden Store. The "True Deliverance" SKIN line is available at the following PLEX prices: Succubus - 55 PLEX Phantasm - 55 PLEX Nightmare - 110 PLEX Revenant - 250 PLEX A bundle of SKINs […]
  • EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two – Join The Fight! Wednesday, Jul 17 2019 2:00PM
    Back in March the EVE community came together to help test something incredible as thousands of pilots (more than 3800 in fact!) formed up for the EVE: Aether Wars Tech Demo. Or bloodthirsty pilots didn’t disappoint, and the result was the destruction of 88,988 ships during an engagement hosted live at GDC 2019 to test […]
  • Season Of Skills - Bonus Skill Point Week Is Here! Wednesday, Jul 17 2019 11:00AM
    We're super happy to announce that as of downtime today, a bonus skill point week has kicked off as part of the Season of Skills! Log in every day throughout bonus skill point week between July 17 and July 25 to claim additional unallocated skillpoints that you can use to boost your training queue. As […]

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