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Eve Fanfest 2017

June 8, 2017,

Eve Fanfest 2017 Bedlam Escapees corp member Onii Chieve went to Iceland to attend Eve Fanfest 2017, on behalf…

EVE Fanfest 2017 is around…

EVE Fanfest 2017 is around the corner…


Evesterdam 2016

Evesterdam 2016 Last week the EVE Online…


YC119, A new year of opportunities

January 12, 2017,

YC119, A new year of opportunities The year 2016, or the Eve Online year YC118, was a bad year…

The battle for the M-OEE8…

The battle for the M-OEE8 Keepstar Last…


The battle of UQ9-3C

The battle of UQ9-3C The battle in…


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Jitters 4-4
  • Membership changes on CSM 12 & summit schedule 19 August 2017
    A quick update about the CSM. CCP has asked CSM member Vince Draken to step down due to not being able to devote sufficient time to the council. Lack of activity can have valid reasons and we're parting with Vince on good terms and with mutual understanding. CCP holds the obligation to ensure a fully […]
    CCP Guard
  • Global PLEX sale - 25% discount between 17 - 21 August 17 August 2017
    Take advantage of our global PLEX sale and get a 25% discount on PLEX. Go to and purchase PLEX! We are delighted to offer this amazing discount on all available PLEX packages (starting with 110 PLEX). Additionally, we offer a 25% discount on Character Resculpts in the New Eden Store. With the discount, Resculpts only costs […]
    CCP Phantom
  • Alliance Tournament XV Finals: Eight Teams Enter, One Team Leaves 16 August 2017
    Hello Capsuleers With the third weekend of Alliance Tournament XV now concluded, there are merely eight teams left standing. These teams have battled through all manner of opponents and through grim determination and calculated execution bested them all. Congratulations to all the teams that have reached the final weekend of the tournament. They are: Brave […]
    CCP Logibro

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