Beautiful New Eden

Beautiful New Eden

The world of EVE Online is set in the fictional space that is called New Eden, the new frontier for pilots to build their legacy in. The known space systems in EVE Online that pilots can visit is just over 5000 solar systems. If you add up the number of systems that are only accessible through wormholes, then the total number falls just under 8000 systems…

All these systems have unique planets, moons, space stations, asteroid belts and other celestial objects, making New Eden a playground on a massive scale. Many pilots call one of these systems their ‘home’ and will ‘die to defend it’. Wars have been waged over systems because of their tactical position, because a rival faction came to close or just because it was fun tearing up somebody’s freshly constructed space station…

watermark_2015. Online gives room for people to play the game as they see fit, wherever they want. There are traders and space truckers that haul massive loads through space, pirates and bandits that try to intercept these space truckers and shoot down cargo ships to steal the goods. You have miners, explorers, mission runners, roaming pvp gangs, space gatecampers, spies, professional frauds, and many more different kinds of pilots trying to put their mark on the wonderful gigantic world that we call New Eden.


Each week I will post a special report about one of EVE Online’s career options, and you will read up on my amazing life in the world of New Eden.

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