EVE Online exploration

EVE Online exploration

Many pilots in EVE Online love to explore the fringes of space in their ships. A standard exploration ship can be bought really cheap and it’s great fun to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’.

You can start off with a Tech 1 frigate like a Heron, Magnate, Imicus or a Probe. My personal favourite is the Heron, for having 5 mid slots so I can add scanner upgrades like a scan pinpointing array, making it potentially the fastest scanning Tech 1 exploration frigate. You simply add a scanner probe launcher, undock, launch some probes and find new and interesting places ! Check out the next fitting to get you started:

There are all kinds of hidden sites to find while scanning with your probes. You could find wormholes that take you to uncharted space, relic or data sites that you can explore and find treasures in or you can commonly find combat sites where you need to fend off and destroy wave after wave of enemy ships. I personally find the combat sites the coolest things to scan down in EVE Online, solely because I often find very cool and expensive rewards by shooting the npc ships. Taking down these enemies may take a specialized combat ship that can tank loads of damage.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can train for a covert ops Tech 2 frigate. That will also enable you to use a covert ops Tech 2 cloak so you can warp cloaked through systems, so you can stay undetected.
If you dont want to train that long you can also try your luck at some of the faction ships like the Astero, Stratios and even a Gnosis will be very much fun to explore New Eden in.

Just a tip for all you would-be Picards out there, bookmark the entry wormhole after you enter one!!
Also, you can use mobile depots to re-fit your ship in remote locations in EVE Online, which can come in handy when you have a multi-purpose ship. If you need more help with fitting up your exploration vessel, contact me in-game (Serena Anderson).

I’m looking forward to your own findings in EVE Online, just upload the screenshots so we can all enjoy them!

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