EVE Online POCO bash #1

EVE Online POCO bash #1

So last week we got wardecced by Presley Enterprises. The fun thing was that one of my friends had a character in that Alliance, for the sole purpose of supplying us with intel on their assets, their plans, fleet setups, in space structures, etc. This had been planned for a couple of months back and he successfully gained their trust and climbed up the ranks to a Director’s position. When the wardec was announced he trolled all his ‘alliance mates’ by deleting bookmarks, stealing assets and passing us all kinds of sensitive information, including the location of all the know POCO’s, (Player Owned Customs Offices)…. When the war started, we assembled the available pilots and set out a route through high/low-sec in order to reinforce the POCO’s.

We had quite a good fleet setup, and we had our spy online to provide us intel from their chat channels and other communication between the members of Presley Enterprises.


The fleet moved into position and after that it was all a piece of cake.
We only encountered one Dominix that quickly fled the scene of the crime, and sadly we werent able to take him down.

Needless to say, we got the job done. We reinforced 5 POCO’s and went back home without casualties.
We also destroyed the POCO’s afterwards, as you can see on our killboard:

Sadly I wasn’t there when the POCO’s got taken down, but I have some very cool pictures from reinforcing the POCO’s!!

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