EVE Online Wardecs

EVE Online Wardecs

I actually wanted to write another EVE Online blogpost, but then I got wardecced on all my characters, so I decided to change the subject for this week.
Wardecs can either be good or bad, depending on whose side you are. My pilots have been on both edges of the knife, and both sides are interesting. Just let me give you a couple of tips on how to deal with wardecs.

Help I’m being wardecced !

First off, most wardecs are nothing personal. I do believe that most wardecs are meant for high-sec targets (because come on guys, what good are wardecs in low-sec or null-sec…). Most of the time you get wardecced by a mass wardeccer alliance, like The Marmite Collective (and man they’re good at them). If it is a personal wardec then you might have brought that upon yourself, and if not then you’re just having some bad luck I guess.

 – Know your enemy

Do a little research on who wardecced you. What does their killboard look like, who are their top pilots, what time are they online (look at killboard statistics), what kind of ships do they fly, etc,etc. Also, try to make a list of every pilot that is on the opposing side of the war. Doing this will enable you and your fellow pilots to form a plan of action.

 – Don’t get stupid losses

During a war it’s pretty dumb flying your Orca or Hulk to Jita to get some supplies. If you’re up against a ‘professional’ wardeccer corp then they know you’ll be going there, and they’ll have every gate in that region gatecamped with tons of fire-power. The stuff that you’re hauling will be their spoils of war and will fuel another week of combat for them. So do yourself and your corp/alliance a favour, do not mine in wartime, do not mission in wartime, do not haul in wartime…

 – Be creative

High-sec wardeccers won’t feel comfortable going after you in low-sec. You see, high-sec wardeccers rely on their neutral logistics, that are able to repair them in high-sec. In low-sec however, those ships can be easily targeted and taken out before they can do any good. So it’s safe to say, if you have a low-sec haven, go there and have some fun. If you don’t want to go to low-sec, you can always set a trap for your attackers and try to take them head-on. Fitting up a beefy mining ship or industrial (take a passive shield tanked Sigil… yes just go for it) and equipping it with a warp prohibiter could give you some fun moments.

 – Don’t recruit in wartime

It would be extremely funny for your attackers to pass on key intel during an important military operation on your attackers. Do not recruit any new members during a wardec, they could be spies and they could very well put you out of business. Only get people on-board during wartime if you know them on a personal, real-life, basis.

 – Don’t be stupid, be safe

I something is too good to be true, it probably is… Try to not rush into things and instead act on your gut feeling. It’s pretty funny flying your 15 man frigate fleet into a gatecamp with some Legion and Loki ships, but I guess you’ll end up burning in space. If the odds are simply against you, you just need to wait out the war and avoid losses. If the attacker doesn’t get any juicy killmails they’ll think twice about extending the wardec with your corporation/alliance.

In the end, just try to have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favour…

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