The New Dominix

The New Dominix

CCP recently announced that they would be updating the Dominix battleship with a new Dominix shipmodel. The revered ‘space potato’ is finally getting a sexy revamp, as you can allready see on EVE Online’s test server, Singularity.

As you can see on the screenshots below, the old Dominix wasn’t very visually appealing if you compare it to other ships in it’s class, like the Apocalypse or Scorpion battleships. It’s a great ship though, and it is being used for a variety of purposes, which mostly ends in people getting hurt a lot…

As you can see on the following screenshots, the fresh new Dominix looks a lot like it’s smaller brother the Brutix now. The bulges on the back and sides are very similar to the shape of this Gallente battlecruiser.
All in all I think that the new model is a huge improvement and I will definitely buy and fit a Dominix battleship because of this.

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