The thrills of pirating in EVE Online

The thrills of pirating in EVE Online

Every so often I join in on some pirating fun. It’s not my main EVE Online business, so I mostly rely on others for help.
So last week my buddy was doing some highsec miner harassment. You basically go flashy yellow by stealing loot from wrecks, or by shooting something like a mobile tractor unit (mtu).

So he finds a Procuror in a belt, he tries to baits the poor fellow, but he warps off. He then decides to shoot down all of his mtu’s, but the Procuror warpes in again, puts some faction hobgoblins out and engages his Harpy!

So the fight goes as expected, I watch as the not so tanky Procuror goes down fairly easily, and my buddy’s Harpy doesnt even take a sweat.
He links the killmail, I check it, and the TS convo goes like this:

Me: He nice killmail dude, why did he even come back?
Him: Dunno, but he thought he could take this frigate down I guess.
*slight pause
Me: Holy cr*p dude, did you see what he had fitted !!?
Him: No what did he have then ?
Me: A PITHI small shield booster man!
Him: WHAT??! I don’t see that in my cargo, where did it go ?!

Procuror killmail

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So he checks his cargo again, I check the wreck of the Procuror as well, nothing is there. But wait ! There are still 4 mtu’s left on the field… So one of them has the module.
I quickly help him with taking out the remaining mtu’s, because an easy 50 mill would be nice to have. We shoot them all, and we’re not finding the module.

Shooting the mtu

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We shoot the last one, and after some miscommunication we find out it’s on my killboard… I quickly check my combat log, and this is what i see:

Mtu killmail

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This proves again that EVE Online is a cruel mistress, both for the miner my buddy shot down, as for us pirates…
I hope the loot-fairy proves her worth some other day!


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