EVE Online Artwork

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  • CSM 16 - Last Call for Applications! Monday, May 10 2021 4:15PM
    Campaigning Capsuleers, Only a few days remain to submit your application for the CSM 16 term! Since the submission period opened on 26 April, nearly 50 prospective candidates have begun their campaign for CSM 16. If you haven’t found a candidate that you support, there’s still time to throw your name in the hat and […]
  • Capsuleer Day XVIII - Claim Your Gifts! Monday, May 10 2021 12:00PM
    The Capsuleer Day celebrations are ending soon! You’ve only got until 18 May to log in and pick up your in-game rewards. There are up to 450k Skill Points up for grabs as Omega so make sure you don’t miss that. You can also get involved in the new sites or the 18-player free for […]
  • 18-PLEX SKIN Sale Friday, May 07 2021 1:00PM
    Style-conscious Capsuleers, As part of EVE’s 18th anniversary celebrations, a special 18-PLEX SKIN sale is running, offering you a chance to customize your ship’s style while making significant savings. Every day from 6 May to 18 May a different SKIN will be available in the New Eden Store for just 18 PLEX. If you’re looking […]

The random bunch

watermark_C7D_4481.jpg Evesterdam_2015_045 Watermark_C7D_3349 watermark_2016. Watermark_C7D_8671 Watermark_C7D_1117 Watermark_C7D_3918 Evesterdam 2017 Watermark_C7D_6696 watermark_2017. watermark_2017. watermark_2018.