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  • Beat Around The Boosh Update Tuesday, Nov 12 2019 12:00PM
    Calling all booshers and Boson users! In the Beat Around the Boosh update on 12 November, there will be significant updates to Micro Jump Field Generators, Bosonic Field Generators and Support Fighters! Also, Ansiblex jump gates and Tenebrex cyno jammers will no longer be anchorable within 500km of another structure. After a grace period which […]
  • Exploit Notification - Sansha Incursion sites Monday, Nov 11 2019 5:30PM
    We have become aware of an unintended interaction with Incursion sites involving solo players abusing fleet mechanics with alts to inappropriately inflate payouts. As of now this behaviour is considered an exploit and anyone found to be carrying it out will face punishment in accordance with the EVE Online EULA and Terms of Service. Several […]
  • Twitch Plays EVE needs your support! Monday, Nov 11 2019 3:00PM
    Today, between 18:00 – 22:00 UTC (EVE Time), we are issuing a rallying call to all capsuleers to come and try out the community-developed Twitch Plays EVE (TPE) extension on Twitch! The TPE extension is currently a top 5 candidate in the Twitch DevJam 2019, and a wave of capsuleer support by way of viewing […]

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