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    • 12 Month Omega in NES Monday, Apr 19 2021 11:00AM
      You can now purchase 12 months of Omega time from EVE Online’s in-game New Eden Store for 5500 PLEX, meaning that you’ll get an extra month of Omega for free at that price! Gain unlimited access to EVE's best ships and skills for a year (and more!) with Omega, as well as doubling your skill […]
    • New Horizons in New Eden Friday, Apr 16 2021 11:00PM
      The last several weeks has seen the addition of new landmarks throughout the cluster and upgrades to many existing ones. From Chribba's statue in Amarr and the Federation Grand Prix starting line in Luminaire to stunning new space features like Cord of the Elements and Trace Cosmos rippling through the skies of New Eden, there's […]
    • Capsuleer Survey Thursday, Apr 15 2021 11:30AM
      Knowledge-thirsty Capsuleers, A better understanding of EVE Online players is a long-term pursuit of ours: engaging with you on the forums, talking with you at events, reading blogs, watching player streams, sending out surveys, working with the CSM – the list goes on and on. Not every EVE player is the same and there are […]

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