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  • EVE Online Music on Spotify! Thursday, Dec 05 2019 2:00PM
    Greetings, music-loving Capsuleers, We are pleased to share that the first album with EVE Online music is now available to everyone for free on Spotify! The music was created by none other than RealX, an audio software engineer and in-house composer who used to work at CCP Games for more than 16 years. The EVE […]
  • EVE Portal - See the New Wallet UI Early! Thursday, Dec 05 2019 10:00AM
    Inquisitive Capsuleers, When you download EVE Portal, the official EVE Online companion app, after the upcoming update you will get to see the new and improved UI for the wallet early! These changes are due to be implemented in EVE Online for the Free Market Release on 10 December, but why not get yourself a […]
  • Solution for "stuck" structure timers during No Downtime Wednesday, Dec 04 2019 4:45PM
    We're several hours into our epic No Downtime experiment and while the effects are beginning to be felt on Tranquility, one issue in particular has presented as being particularly problematic: some structures are becoming "stuck" when their anchoring/unanchoring or reinforcement timers end and are not switching to their correct state. If you are encountering this […]

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