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Evesterdam 2019

Evesterdam 2019

March 31, 2019,

Last weekend marked the first stop of the Eve Invasion World Tour. Hundreds of Eve Online pilots came to…

G-Fleet 2018

G-Fleet 2018 G-Fleet is an annual Eve…

EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018 Last month I visited…


Interview with CCP Falcon Part 1

June 4, 2019,

Interview with CCP Falcon, Part 1 was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get an interview with…

COGG Eve Online Artwork Competition 2017

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork…

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition Last…


YC119, A new year of…

YC119, A new year of opportunities The…


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  • New Eden Store - Selected SKINs Return For Federation Day! 18 June 2019
    We're super happy to announce the return of the Nyx Dos Rouvenor’s Bequest SKIN and the Luminaire Rising SKINs as part of the celebration of Federation Day, as well as the Summer Solstice. These SKINs are returning to the New Eden Store at a 30% discount until June 25, with the Luminaire Rising SKIN bundle […]
  • New Eden Store - More Police SKINs Available! 11 June 2019
    We're super happy to announce that a fresh batch of Police SKINs are now available for a whole host of new Gallente hulls. These SKINs can now be found in the New Eden Store for the following ships: Thorax – 110 PLEX Brutix – 110 PLEX Brutix Navy Issue – 110 PLEX Hyperion – 250 […]
  • Live Invasion Community Streams on Twitch! 28 May 2019
    Greetings, To celebrate the arrival of the newest EVE Online expansion many fearless Twitch streamers have banded together to deliver you over 40 hours of entertaining content. There will be laughs, jaw-dropping moments and ships getting blown up, so make yourself comfortable and come hang out on respective Twitch channels listed below (all times in […]

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