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G-Fleet 2018

October 28, 2018,

G-Fleet 2018 G-Fleet is an annual Eve Online player event, which is held in Germany. The location for G-Fleet…

EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018 Last month I visited…


EVE Fanfest 2018

EVE Fanfest 2018 This year marked the…

COGG Eve Online Artwork Competition 2017

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition

December 17, 2017,

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition Last month I helped organize the COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition. All…


YC119, A new year of…

YC119, A new year of opportunities The…


The battle for the M-OEE8…

The battle for the M-OEE8 Keepstar Last…


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  • EVE Online: Onslaught Celebration! - Double Training Weekend! 15 November 2018
    We're super happy to announce that as of tomorrow downtime, New Eden will be enjoying its first double training weekend! If you have an Alpha account, you can log in and claim 25,000 skillpoints twice this weekend. If you have an Omega Account, you can log in and claim 50,000 skillpoints twice this weekend. Be […]
  • Monthly Economic Reports For September & October Now Available! 15 November 2018
    After a short break due to the crazy business that was EVE Vegas 2018, the Monthly Economic reports are back in a double whammy! Check out how the markets have been trending during the transition from Q3 to Q4 with the reports from both September and October which are now available at the links below: […]
  • Security Changes To The EVE SSO! 14 November 2018
    As part of continued work to protect the accounts of our pilots, we've made a change to the EVE Online SSO today that makes the system more aggressive toward new and unknown devices. Many of us here at CCP are long term EVE Online players, and we know the value that our pilots place in […]

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