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EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018

August 24, 2018,

EVE Manchester 2018 Last month I visited Manchester to see the city and to attend the amazing EVE Manchester…

EVE Fanfest 2018

EVE Fanfest 2018 This year marked the…

Evesterdam 2017

Evesterdam 2017

Evesterdam 2017 This year marked the fifth…

COGG Eve Online Artwork Competition 2017

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition

December 17, 2017,

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition Last month I helped organize the COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition. All…


YC119, A new year of…

YC119, A new year of opportunities The…


The battle for the M-OEE8…

The battle for the M-OEE8 Keepstar Last…


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  • Octopus Orange Flight SKINs at 25% Discount! 16 October 2018
    We're happy to announce that the Octopus Orange Flight SKIN range will be on sale at a 25% discount from today, through until downtime on October 23rd. Once this sale is over, they will be retired from the New Eden Store, so be sure to grab them while you still can if you want to […]
  • October 23rd - The Crimson Harvest Returns! 12 October 2018
    We're happy to announce that the Crimson Harvest returns on October 23rd for two weeks of Blood Raider shenanigans! Sporting new sites, visuals and content, pilots will be able to run the gauntlet and engage in a new play experience to obtain a unique new material through both mining and combat that will allow the […]
  • Angel "Hex" SKINs Now Available For More Hulls! 10 October 2018
    We're happy to announce that Angel Cartel "Hex" SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store! Previously available only for the Machariel class battleship, these SKINs are now making an appearance on the following Serpentis Corporation and Angel Cartel hulls: 390 PLEX - Dramiel 390 PLEX - Cynabal 390 PLEX - Daredevil 390 PLEX […]

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