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Evesterdam 2019

Evesterdam 2019

March 31, 2019,

Last weekend marked the first stop of the Eve Invasion World Tour. Hundreds of Eve Online pilots came to…

G-Fleet 2018

G-Fleet 2018 G-Fleet is an annual Eve…

EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018

EVE Manchester 2018 Last month I visited…


Interview with CCP Falcon Part 2

June 28, 2019,

Interview with CCP Falcon, Part 2 Eve Online player meets As a community manager Paul not only handles player…

Interview with CCP Falcon Part…

Interview with CCP Falcon, Part 1…

COGG Eve Online Artwork Competition 2017

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork…

COGG 2017 Eve Online Artwork Competition Last…


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  • GM WEEK: Day Three - More Madness! Wednesday, Aug 21 2019 11:00AM
    GM Week continues today, with the ever present if a little elusive scavenger hunt. Today the Game Masters will be making their way to highsec systems in Caldari space with cargo holds full of loot for lucky capsuleers who’re able to scan them down. Be sure to watch local if you want to pick up […]
  • GM Week: Day Two – The Carnage Continues! Tuesday, Aug 20 2019 12:00PM
    Yesterday we kicked of this year’s GM week with a bang, starting both the Scavenger hunt in Amarr space and the EVE Vegas Anti-Triglavian Propaganda T-Shirt Contest too. The day was rounded out with a Whack-A-Bot event hosted in Yulai that saw more than 1500 bloodthirsty pilots doing the shooty-shooty to help expunge a few […]
  • Skilling Spree Speed Run Contest Concludes! Monday, Aug 19 2019 12:00PM
    We're super happy to announce that the Skilling Spree Speed Run contest has now come to a close as of downtime today. Huge thanks to everyone who took part, we've been super surprised at the number of entries we received! Stay tuned for more information - the winners for all three stages will be announced […]

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