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Jitters 4-4
  • Extended Daily Downtime - 2017/11/20 20 November 2017
    Today’s daily downtime will be extended by fifteen minutes due to short notice network maintenance.   Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, and will run for a total of 30 minutes. We expect Tranquility to be back online and accepting connections again at 11:30 UTC. Apologies for any inconvenience this may […]
    CCP Falcon
  • EVE Store Update 17 November 2017
    We’re happy to announce that the selection of EVE gear in the EVE Store has been rotated to include a number of items that were available at EVE Vegas this year, including our two winning t-shirts from the EVE Vegas 2017 t-shirt contest. In addition to this, there’s now a selection of faction themed shot […]
    CCP Falcon
  • 20% Off Intaki Syndicate SKINs! 14 November 2017
    We're happy to annouce that there's currently a 20% discount on all Intaki Syndicate SKINs in the New Eden Store. This SKIN like is available for 44 hulls, and will be retired from the store at downtime on November 21st. If you're looking to grab them for your collection, be sure to do so before […]
    CCP Falcon

The random bunch

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