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  • Free SKINs with PLEX deals, but not for long! Sunday, Jun 20 2021 2:00PM
    Prudent Capsuleers! Our Federation Day celebrations are coming to a close soon, with just 48 hours to go before these amazing deals for free Green Demon SKINs disappear from the Web Store. Top up on PLEX before 11:00 UTC on 22 June and receive the following Green Demon SKINs for your hulls, for no extra […]
  • Triple team combat in the new Abyssal Proving Grounds Friday, Jun 18 2021 11:00AM
    Fighting Capsuleers! Steel yourselves, bold Pilots, battle lines are being drawn again in the Abyssal Proving Grounds as our three-way competition kicks off later this month, forming part of our wider Federation Day celebrations. Until 11:00 UTC on 22 June, you can engage in 2v2v2 combat between Gallente cruisers and Assault Frigates. Eligible vessels for […]
  • Federation Day is Live– Join the festivities! Friday, Jun 18 2021 9:30AM
    Celebratory Capsuleers, The Federation Day festivities are well underway meaning you still have time to grab rewards, tackle a spread of challenges, and even join in on the celebrations at the Gallente parades. Themed around the Gallente annual holiday - Federation Day - Gallente Space has been packed with a host of themed events, offers […]

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