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  • Introducing the next phase of Korean localization Thursday, Aug 11 2022 11:15AM
    International capsuleers, has now launched in Korean, elevating the EVE experience for all Korean-speaking players; and growing the community for pilots globally. Going forward the EVE Store, EVE Academy and EVE News will all be available in Korean. Meaning the full suite of supporting content is now translated. What’s more, the AIR Career new […]
  • Alliance Tournament XVIII Rules and Registration Tuesday, Aug 09 2022 7:00PM
    Gladiatorial Capsuleers, Signups for Alliance Tournament XVIII are now open! Below is the full list of rules and signup instructions. All hopeful competitors, please take your time and review everything carefully. Contents Alliance Tournament XVIII Rules & Format Introduction: Format & Registration Format Mercenary Rule Participation & Registration Silent Auction Trials Tournament Rules Summary of […]
  • State of the Union Wednesday, Aug 03 2022 4:00PM
    Warzone Capsuleers!   It’s been several months since Fanfest, where we announced major updates to Factional Warfare. Since then, there has been a lot of progress made to bring some of the ideas discussed during those presentations and roundtables to life. For those that want to revisit this topic from Fanfest, you can watch the EVE […]

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