EVE Fanfest 2015

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  • 2018/07/21 - Bug Reporting System Maintenance 20 July 2018
    Due to essential database maintenance occuring tomorrow, the EVE Online Bug Reporting System will be offline starting from 12:00 UTC. We estimate that the system will be offline for approximately two hours while we carry out maintenance, after which it should be online and available for the submission of bug reports at 14:00 UTC. Apologies […]
  • Super Saturday Returns To The New Eden Store Tomorrow! 13 July 2018
    We're happy to announce that Super Saturday is once again coming to the New Eden Store tomorrow, with 75% off sepected SKINs and bundles from midnight UTC tonight! This Super Saturday will see the following discounts: SOE Spectral Shift Bundle – 200 PLEX (down from 801 PLEX) Enforcer Firewatch SKIN – 27 PLEX (down from […]
  • 25% Off Selected Skill Extractor Packs! 13 July 2018
    We're happy to announce that we currently have a 25% discount on 5x and 10x Skill Extractor packs available on the EVE Online Secure Website! This offer will run through until downtime on July 15th! Be sure to head on over to the Secure Account Management Website if you'd like to take advantage of this […]

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