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  • Second Capsuleer Day Proving Grounds! Wednesday, May 18 2022 4:00PM
    Celebratory Capsuleers! As this year’s Capsuleer Day event comes to a close, you’ll soon be able to wrap up the party in explosive style with an exciting new Proving Grounds! With 19 years of EVE’s space saga under our belts, the next FFA Proving Grounds features a very fitting set of special conditions: 19% increase […]
  • Catch up with Fanfest’s glorious return! Monday, May 16 2022 4:45PM
    Fanfest-loving Capsuleers, Fanfest 2022 has reached its conclusion, and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better event to reunite our community after too many years apart. Bringing together so many of the EVE community in-person provided a very special opportunity to catch-up, share memories of the stories we’ve made and played together in New Eden, […]
  • Photon UI – Iterating and Improving Friday, May 13 2022 3:00PM
    Space-conscious Capsuleers, Following on from the crazy adventure that was Fanfest 2022, the team is eager to get the latest Photon UI updates released for you to try. The May release has dozens of bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback. Here are just a few of those changes: Chat update notifications return. A […]

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