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  • Enter the Portal - Live on Tranquility! Tuesday, Jun 22 2021 11:00AM
    Clandestine Capsuleers, The Enter the Portal update is now live on Tranquility, bringing powerful buffs to the Black Ops class of Tech II battleships, rebalancing of Covert Ops exploration ships, and an increase to chained targets for Vorton Projectors. Black Ops ships fitted with a Covert Jump Portal are also now able to use the […]
  • Welcome your new CSM Monday, Jun 21 2021 7:30PM
    Greetings, The Noble Citizens of New Eden have spoken, and after tallying the votes, we are delighted to present you with the 16th Council of Stellar Management. We welcome all candidates and are looking forward to continuing our close collaboration with the community on another exciting year in EVE Online. This year, we saw 38086 […]
  • Free SKINs with PLEX deals, but not for long! Sunday, Jun 20 2021 2:00PM
    Prudent Capsuleers! Our Federation Day celebrations are coming to a close soon, with just 48 hours to go before these amazing deals for free Green Demon SKINs disappear from the Web Store. Top up on PLEX before 11:00 UTC on 22 June and receive the following Green Demon SKINs for your hulls, for no extra […]

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