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  • Fleet Discovery Improved Monday, Jan 25 2021 3:00PM
    In the rich universe of New Eden, many activities can be more fun, efficient, or offer a larger destructive power when performed in groups. The new Fleet Discovery update makes it easier for Capsuleers to find and create fleets with other players that fit their plans! Better Fleet Discovery Soon, as a new pilot, you […]
  • Mass Test on Singularity - 26 January 2021 Sunday, Jan 24 2021 3:00PM
    Hello everyone, We will be conducting the first Mass Test of 2021 on the Singularity Test Server on Tuesday, 26 January at 17:00 UTC. Remember that what you see on Singularity is not final and is subject to change before it lands on Tranquility based on player feedback and final polish from the EVE development […]
  • United Eden Tuesday, Jan 19 2021 11:00AM
    Cosmopolitan Capsuleers, At the end of last year, we welcomed back the dedicated players from Japan by releasing a fully supported Japanese localized version of the game. With the influx of new pilots and the return of battle-hardened veterans, we must not forget that we are all pilots in the EVE Online universe united by […]

The random bunch

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