EVE Fanfest 2015

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  • Sign-ups for Alliance Tournament 2018 close at midnight UTC 27 May 2018
    Tonight at midnight UTC (EVE time) sign-ups will close for this year's Alliance Tournament. Make sure your entries have been submitted as instructed in this recent dev blog Practice acess on Thunderdome, the tournament server, will be made available in the coming days. To gain acess, the captain of each Alliance's team needs to send […]
  • Official EVE meet with CCP in Orlando, 31 May 25 May 2018
    Space friends! CCP Guard and CCP Curtis will be in Orlando, Florida next week and will be hosting an official EVE meet, open to all EVE players and EVE curious friends and family. We've reserved venue space at Ferg's Depot and we'd love to buy you a couple of drinks and talk about life in […]
  • EVE Online: Into The Abyss To Be Deployed On May 29th, 2018! 25 May 2018
    We are delighted to announce that the summer expansion, EVE Online: Into The Abyss, will be deployed next Tuesday, May 29th, during a slightly extended downtime. Downtime for the deployment of Into The Abyss will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, and will run for a total duration of 30 minutes. We anticipate […]

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