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  • A Band Apart's 7th Annual Frigate Free For All Wednesday, Mar 03 2021 3:00PM
    Date: Saturday, 6 March 2021 Time: 16:00 to 20:00 UTC/EVE time Where: Ouelletta star system in Verge Vendor On Saturday, March 6 A Band Apart will be hosting their 7th Annual Frigate Free For All in Ouelletta! They have over 4,000 free, fitted frigates to hand out to capsuleers who attend or you can bring […]
  • Abyssal Proving Grounds Return Friday, Feb 26 2021 11:00AM
    Get yourselves combat-ready, Capsuleers, as the Abyssal Proving Grounds return once more! Until 11:00 UTC on 2 March, you can engage in 4-player free-for-all Combat and Attack Frigate competitive battles. Permitted hulls for this round consist of the Atron, Breacher, Condor, Executioner, Incursus, Kestrel, Merlin, Punisher, Rifter, Slasher, Tormentor, and Tristan. Limitations for this round […]
  • Expert Systems – Coming soon Thursday, Feb 25 2021 12:00PM
    Expert Capsuleers, Brand new Expert Systems will be coming to EVE Online in the near future! They are designed to help rookie Capsuleers discover and experience new activities by providing specific virtual skills and skill levels for a limited time that cannot be extracted through the use of Skill Extractors. For a one-week period per […]

The random bunch

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