EVE Fanfest 2015 !

I have been to Iceland and I went to EVE Fanfest 2015 !!

This year I went to Fanfest in Iceland and it was an absolutely cool event. I have seen a lot of very interesting and fresh ideas that will be implemented into EVE Online and I have met some really nice new people.

I planned an entire vacation to Iceland, including my tickets for Fanfest, the golden circle tour, pubcrawl and the charity dinner.
I travelled together with my alliance CEO, ForceM, and i met up with my corpmember Alemag87 in Iceland.

The golden circle tour was very nice, and gave us the opportunity to see a little bit of the rugged nature in Iceland. We had an EVE Dev on our tour bus, but sadly he didn’t speak too much…
We did hower see some really cool stuff like the geysers and the frozen surface of Iceland.Appearantly, EVE Online is also one of Iceland’s main ‘export products’.

Fanfest itself is an event that can almost not be described in words. There are several floors at Harpa that will have a round the clock schedule. There a dev discussions, Q&A sessions, PVP matches, interactive games and also presentations in the main auditorium.

There where also player presentations like one from a contract manager of Red Frog, RF Gnaeus Crassus. It’s truly amazing to hear how some people have build an entire shipping industry within a MMO game. And if you think hauling and industry in EVE is lame, then just think about the fact the man was able to buy all his Fanfest tickets with ingame ISK. Beat that with your PVP battles and all the losses ;).



Also, there was a presentation from Corebloodbrothers, the recently re-elected member of CSM (Counsil of Stellar Management).
It was inspiring to hear what these volunteers go through every day as EVE players email their problems to them, and how that changes their personal lives.

It’s a very busy and active job, and I’m glad there are people like him to bring our questions and wishes under the attention of CCP.


The entire event was a blast, and there is too much for me to tell you. I will definitely try to attend EVE Fanfest 2016 as well.
All that is left now are the memories and pictures from EVE Fanfest 2015, are there are loads of them !


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