The great journey

The great journey There can come in…
Destroying a tower

Destroying a tower

Destroying a tower Of course Eve Online…

Concord is Law

Concord is Law A couple of days…
Smegatron Achasse

Interview with Smegatron…

Interview with Smegatron Achasse Smegatron Achasse has…

Happy New Year…

Happy New Year ! would like…
Gatecamping in EVE Online

The art of…

The art of gatecamping in EVE Online…
EVE Online Wardecs

EVE Online Wardecs

EVE Online Wardecs I actually wanted to…

Evesterdam 2015

Evesterdam 2015 Evesterdam 2015 was held again…

EVE Online Mining

EVE Online Mining Mining is EVE Online…

EVE Online missioning

EVE Online missioning Missioning is one of…

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  • EVE Cinematic Retrospective with CCP Zond 3 Friday, Apr 03 2020 9:30PM
    Hello spacefriends! Last weekend we hosted an epic stream on the CCP Twitch channel where the EVE community gathered together for a Clear Skies marathon with series creator Ian Chisholm. It was a big hit with the players and the feels were real, so let's go again! As a follow up to that event, and […]
  • Eclipse - Quadrant 2 is Coming to EVE Online! Thursday, Apr 02 2020 3:00PM
    EVE Online's Quadrant 2 is called "Eclipse" and its arrival is imminent! Kicking off on 6 April, the overall theme will revolve around shifting the balance of power in New Eden. The Fight or Flight Quadrant was fantastic, featuring a wide variety of highlights such as the Frigate Escape Bay, Loyalty to Lowsec, From Wormholes […]
  • Announcing a new Localization! Wednesday, Apr 01 2020 2:30PM
    Greetings capsuleers! Off the back of our successful Korean localization which launched last November, CCP has actively been exploring additional territories to localize. We plan to focus on areas with significant player density and a local language which is often difficult for the broader EVE community to comprehend. So we're pleased to announced today that […]

The random bunch

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